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This life-changing memory course is offered to you by Powerbrain in conjunction with Boston City Campus and Business College



About the Memory Course

The Powerbrain Memory Course teaches methods to improve your memory, and is designed to improve concentration levels and build up stronger links between the left and right side of your brain so that you can use more of your brain to achieve better results.

The course has been successfully run at numerous schools, universities, and companies over the past 20 years, and has received exceptional feedback from hundreds of attendees.

The course teaches the basic tools of memory, as well as applications to remember names and faces, remember lists of items and to spell correctly. It also principally teaches how to study correctly and how to cope in stressful exam situations.

The course has been offered successfully at, inter alia, the following schools:


Where and When?

The memory training course is divided into two three-and-a-half-hour sessions. It can be run at your school, university, or college, and there are current on-going courses at Boston City Campus and Business College in Bedfordview throughout the year.

In order to give you the individual attention that you need, places in the course will be limited, so please register early. Click here to complete the enquiry form.

About the Lecturer

Michael Abrahamson is a professional magician and mentalist, as well as a memory expert and a multi award-winning sports broadcaster. In addition to having actuarial qualifications from the Institute of Actuaries in London, he also has a first-class honours degree in Statistics, and has been teaching the subject in various capacities for over 20 years. Michael uses all his teaching and exam experience to empower delegates and teach them clever and useful techniques that have served his students well. As a multi award-winning lecturer, his knowledge is invaluable to learners.

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  • St Benedicts College course 1 2017
  • King David Linksfield course 1 2017
  • Beaulieu College course 1 2017
  • Waterstone Primary Gr 6 and 7 course 2017
  • St Stithians Boys College course 1 2017
  • Holy Rosary School course 1 2017
  • Boston College mixed course 2017
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  • PHSG 2016
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  • Jeppe-girls 10 11 1st 2016
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  • Beaulieu College course 2 2017
  • St Stithians Boys College course 2 2017
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  • Holy Rosary School course 2 2017
  • King David Linksfield course 3 2017
  • Beaulieu College course 3 2017

Basic Course

Basic Course

The basic memory training course is geared to improve your results and marks at school, university, and college. You will be taught how to improve your memory when studying and how to lock in the information that you have learnt. This way of learning avoids last-minute cramming sessions and panic!

What Will I Learn?

• You will be taught efficient time-management skills to optimise on all the time that you have available for studying
• Good sleeping patterns during exam sessions
• What to eat, drink and what foods to avoid during studying and exam times
• What vitamins and minerals to take to boost your brain power
• Coping mechanisms for stressful exam situations, including knowing which questions to answer first, how to score marks even if you can’t answer a question, coping with time pressures, techniques to get the person marking the exam on your side, how to answer essay questions, MCQs and short questions
• How to motivate yourself to be the best that you can be in all areas of your life
• How to improve your memory and concentration levels and by so doing, use a bigger portion of your brain every day


What Should I Expect?

Prepare to change your thinking forever! You will see numerous mind-blowing experiments during the memory course that deal with power of the mind and you will appreciate seeing the power of the mind in action.

The Powerbrain memory training course will empower you with the thinking tools required to obtain a massive competitive advantage over your peers who have not acquired these skills. You will end the course feeling a lot more confident in your abilities to excel in both study and exam situations.

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Advanced Course

Advanced Course

This advanced memory course expands on the methods covered in the basic course, and will teach you more advanced study skills, study schedules, memory techniques and motivation.

The course covers far wider applications of enhanced memory, and as with the basic course, continues to promote a positive outlook and confidence in each delegate.

What Will I Learn?

You will be taught advanced memory techniques, such as the immensely powerful phonetic alphabet and pegging techniques. These will enable you to recall numbers at will, as well as cementing information in your brain for maximum recall capabilities.

Fun applications like being able to instantly work out which day of the week any date falls on will be taught, and at the end of this course, you will have far more tools at your disposal to enable you to achieve wonderful results and utilise your mind in the most efficient way possible.

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Problem Solving Skills Test

Test Your Problem Solving Skills

Michael set this problem many years ago when he was still a student at University.

Good luck!

A number of seasons ago, the twenty football teams in the English First Division (now called the Premier League) played one Saturday afternoon. All teams played and the fixtures are given below. The team on the left is the home team in each case.

A__________ VS __________

C__________ VS __________

C__________ VS __________

D__________ VS __________

E__________ VS __________

L__________ VS __________

M__________ VS __________

N__________ VS __________

Q__________ VS __________

W__________ VS __________

From the clues below, you are required to complete the fixtures and determine the score in each match. You are given the first letter of the home team in each match, and the home teams are listed in alphabetical order.

Teams: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Everton, Liverpool, Luton Town, Manchester City, Manchester United, Millwall, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Wimbledon.


1. The sum of the goals scored by the home teams equals 15. This is also the sum of the goals scored by the away teams.
2. There were four drawn matches, producing a total of 12 goals.
3. Neither Tottenham Hotspur nor Crystal Palace drew, and the former did not play Everton.
4. The number of goals scored in the match involving Manchester United was not five, nor did they draw.
5. Chelsea won by a one-goal margin, while Nottingham Forest drew their match against Charlton Athletic.
6. Sheffield Wednesday and Everton both scored the highest number of goals, but were not necessarily the only two teams to do so.
7. Luton Town and Millwall both drew their matches (although they didn’t play each other), while Aston Villa continued their run of good form by winning by a one-goal margin, but not against Arsenal.
8. Only three teams failed to score, and only Liverpool scored exactly two goals, and did not lose.
9. The names of Norwich City (who did not concede more than three goals) and Coventry City appear in the same column in the fixture list above, but in a different column from Manchester City.
10. The highest number of goals scored in any match was six. One of the teams involved in such a match was Southampton, who did not play Queens Park Rangers.
11. At least one home team won by a two-goal margin, but no home team won by fewer than two goals.
12. The sum of the scores of Wimbledon, Everton and Queens Park Rangers was six more than the sum of the scores of Derby County, Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday.


  • "Thank you so much for your show, it was honestly one of the most entertaining and MIND BLOWING shows I have ever seen! There were aspects that you showed me and my clients that no one in the room thought was possible. From the comic aspect to the mind reading and motivation, it was a perfect show for my event! I will definitely recommend and use you in the future!"
    - David Jaffe, Branch Manager, Kevro Pretoria
  • "Michael was absolutely amazing. His presentation set the Leadership Summit abuzz. His link of process to support good implementation was awesome in a fun way."
    - Greg Carolin, Partner, DPI (Decision Processes International - S.A.)
  • "Michael went down really well at ACPM. Some of the guests are still talking about it and can’t figure out some of the things he did."
    - Arlene Ratzleff, Managing Director, Launchit Marketing
  • "Michael kept the audience totally enthralled throughout his entire performance. We're still talking about it!!"
    - Kerry Oliver, Agency Manager, The Lime Envelope
  • "Michael's presentation was very good and he had a lot of questions to answer at the end. From the "Thank You" messages that we received from the secretaries, it is clear that everyone there was thrilled with Michael’s performance."
    - Pauline Phiri, RMB
  • “My guests loved Michael and his act generated loads of lively debate around the hall for the remainder of our exhibition.”
    - Debbie Mulcahy, Orbes Media (Pty) Ltd
  • “WOW – How’d he do that? Very entertaining and curious!”
    - Sally Schiffer , o/b/o Innovent
  • “Michael was scary; Michael was awesome! We enjoyed his show tremendously and everyone was spellbound. His attitude was fantastic at lunch - even though he must have been exhausted, and he treated everyone as customers - we can really highly recommend him.”
    - Neville Koertzen, SPAR Lowveld
  • “He had the audience captivated.”
    - Bryan Smith, Sales and Production, DOOM
  • ”This man is amazing - truly intelligent and interesting. I could have him anytime - his talent is absolutely fascinating.”
    - Unathi Boniwe, Investec Bank
  • ”A challenging audience, as they were mostly East African, however he handled it like a pro and they absolutely raved about him. It was like nothing they have ever seen before so he was bombarded with questions at the end. Great job, client was very happy.”
    - Sue Aerts - Event Organiser, Moneygram International
  • “Michael’s show was absolutely fantastic. He had us enthralled from the minute he started and kept us captivated for the whole duration of his show. To this day, we have no idea how he did what he did. I would love to see more of his shows.” 
    - Sonya Kolman - conference convenor, South African Society of Clinical Pharmacy (SASOCP)
  • “Michael’s mentalism show has really opened our staff members’ eyes to looking at life a little differently… A must see if you are looking for something out of the ordinary”.
    - Dirk Kotze, Regional Marketing Manager, Sanlam Broker Distribution
  • "Thank you Michael, for the astonishing and very entertaining show that you gave at the Garden Pavilion
    18th annual conference at Intundla. What a refreshing change to the rather educational presentations that conference attendees get to expect! Just the right thing at the right time – especially the morning after the awards evening of the previous night!"
    - Diane Ross, Owner, Garden Pavilion Holdings
  • "Thank you very much for “wowing” our audience at the 2013 SARMA Conference. We watched and listened in such awe, that we forgot to applaud! Discussions about your ability to stun the audience went on until late at night and the next day. As a matter of fact, our delegates are still talking about it, and I receive daily congratulations on the success of your entertainment. You made it a memorable evening."
    - Johan Van Wyk, General Manager, SARMA
  • "On behalf of the organising social committee, I would like to thank you for delivering an entertaining and interactive show at OLG’s 2013 year-end function. You captured your audience’s attention with your astonishing memory skills and made for a spellbinding performance with your accurate mathematical predictions during the games performed. We valued your motivational message and your interaction with our guests after the show. Thank you for the unique experience and all the best with future endeavours!"
    - Cecile Doubell-Fourie, Manager Public Relations, Open Learning Group
  • "Michael was really fantastic in the session this morning, held specifically to launch a renewed focus on innovation. It is clear that most of us really underutilise the full mental capacity of our minds and it is truly amazing to see what you can do with it with the correct training, guidance and focus – unbelievable really. The session was also really great in terms of showing people that you can have your mind working on one “channel” (like while you are doing your required work) and at the same time having it working on some great idea, or change to how you do something, that may make a big difference to the business or our clients. He was simply amazing at having more than one intricate and complex “performance” happening at the same time.
    A great engaging personality with a super sharp and entertaining mind, he had the entire room captivated for every second of his performance. Thank you Michael!"
    - Peter Edwards, CEO, Financial Services Holdings, Alexander Forbes
  • "Michael kept our sales team at the edge of their seats with a thoroughly engaging and interesting training session! An amazing talent and pleasure to deal with. We look forward welcoming him back to Primedia soon!"
    - Marina Hartmann, Trade Marketing Manager, Primedia Broadcasting
  • "Michael delivered a unique and mind blowing performance that our group will never forget! His show was not only entertaining but also inspiring in an unintended way. It was a welcomed alternative to the norm! If you want to leave your crowd impressed, entertained and get them thinking, then this is certainly recommended!”
    - Chris Botha - GM Regent Life
  • "Michael Abrahamson was commissioned to perform at our internal customer satisfaction recognition awards in October 2014. Michael’s performance was astounding! A phenomenal display of the power of the mind and how body language and eye movements can give away our thoughts. The audience left with a true admiration of his honed skill of mentalism, and a new appreciation for how we can use the power of observation to increase customer satisfaction. As a supplier, Michael was well-prepared, and very flexible – even on the day of the performance as circumstances changed. Michael was friendly and warm to the audience, and very professional and courteous as a supplier."
    - Michelle Hardy-Berrington (VWSA Customer Relationship Management)
  • "The Management and staff at Lorge just want to say thank you for the amazing mentalism show that you did for us on Saturday for our 29th annual awards evening. All our staff loved the show. Thank you for doing a great job as the MC for the night .Everything went according to plan and we will definitely use you again in the future for our functions."
    - Carlien Thomson, CFO, Lorge
  • "We had the privilege of Michael performing his mentalism show and MC at our annual awards dinner. Both certainly lived up to expectation, and laid the foundation for one of the most enjoyable evenings we as a company have had. Furthermore, Michael was always a pleasure to deal with, from the initial enquiry to the final goodbyes . I will definitely recommend Michael for any function, and hope he goes from strength to strength. We will certainly make use of him again."
    - Jurgens Snyman, Lorge Acting C.E.O
  • "Thank you for an absolute mind blowing show. Our delegates are still talking about it. It was informative and entertaining. I cannot believe how eager they were to participate. A guest speaker/entertainer can make or break a conference, you definitely made ours."
    - Therese Bezuidenhout, Marketing Manager, Bidvest AFCOM
  • "Thank you very much for the immensely entertaining show. Everyone at the company was very impressed and 2 days later are still talking about the “tricks” you performed. We will definitely recommend you to others and I’m sure will be using you soon to teach us memory techniques."
    - Brad Bernstein, Operations Director, Global Micro Solutions
  • “Michael, You are amazing! We all loved your mind-blowing skills and your unique, natural sense of entertainment and outstanding performance. Thank you again!”
    - Melissa Maritz, Adendorff Machinery Mart
  • "The performance was amazing and the guys couldn’t stop talking about it. You certainly added value to the conference."
    - Karl Hurter, CSA National Match Officials' Administrator
  • “Thank you so much for your fascinating and impressive show at our annual year end function last week. Our
    staff was truly amazed at what you were able to do, it certainly brought the party to life and seemed to bring a
    mixture of awe and disbelief to the room. Your show certainly made the function memorable for all who were
    lucky enough to be there.
    I have no doubt that your skills have further applications in business and I look forward to investigating further
    opportunities to work together in the future.”
    - Steven Jack, CEO, Jack & Seach (Pty) Ltd
  • “Everyone had a wonderful time. Your presentation was fun yet thought provoking at the same time. At the supper table people were rattling off the words we learnt whilst others were trying to figure out some of your other mind boggling tricks.”
    - Immy Mohamed, Group CEO of Pharmachem
  • “Michael delivered a highly entertaining and interactive show. Michael’s astonishing skills and charisma won the audience over. People were buzzing with curiosity after the show. Thoroughly enjoyable!”
     - Noeleen Padayachee, Process Engineer, Hatch Ltd
  • “Michael enthralled his audience with his amazing mentalist skills. His show not only entertained, but showcased the power of the human mind. Michael’s engaging manner and varied acts throughout the show captivated the audience who were amazed by his abilities. The audience members were inspired by Michael and left the show thinking how they could use their minds to fulfill their own potential. Thank you Michael for not only providing a most absorbing display of mentalism, but for also motivating the team to think differently!
    - Larry Borowitz, Discovery Health”

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